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Conflict Resolution

Personal Responsibility

Effective Leadership

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Leadership for Engineers

Employee Building

Managing Change

Managing Irate Customers

The Art of Negotiation

Better Manufacturing

Project Management



Ed O. Bridgman is a unique Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer. Each of his workshops provides VALUABLE insights that are immediately APPLICABLE to each participant both professionally and personally. No Fluff – No Bluff.

Ed O. Bridgman performs all of his own research of each topic. Aware that everyone learns differently, Ed becomes an expert in each topic so that he can field questions from multiple angles and explain each nuance so that everyone receives a clear understanding. Armed with at least four times more information then time will allow, the participants are allowed to ask questions surrounding the topic without fear of drawing Ed off a predetermined workshop. Instead participants are provided sufficient facts they can apply to their individual situations. They are allowed to draw their own conclusions and create positive solutions helpful to them.

Ed O. Bridgman’s teaching style is a sense of appropriate humor combined with intense energy to a highly interactive memorable lesson. Focusing on objectives that surround each topic valuable insights are revealed and then discussed by the group. Points are elaborated upon with personal stories and participants are encouraged to experience exercises that create an opportunity to immediately apply the

lesson learned. Each objective builds on those before creating a true sense of accomplishment before the workshop is wrapped up with closing comments. Participants enjoy the dynamic learning environment while discovering new insights about themselves, each other, and their effectiveness as a group.

Each workshop includes exercises, games, group discussions and presentations. Every participant leaves each workshop with a workbook to refer to in the future.